Few nights ago, was Maison Martin Morel paris store opening. Created in 1896 by Martin Morel, the brand was originally a textile printing factory. It used to produce its own printed textile until its closure in 1982. Today, Emmanuel Foyatier, grandson of the last owner of the company, decided to revisit the textile archives of his family to create a new contemporary brand. A brand that seeks to offer unique print pattern for woman fashion line and house collection.

For the party, everything was thought to make prints alive. A buffet created by a culinary designer offered everyone a taste of the wawe pattern or the M Flower one. Along with this tasting animation was a virtual reality experience transporting one in a 3D print dimension.

Maison Martin Morel, the youngest century old fashion brand opened at 12 rue Commines, 75003 Paris.

More on Facebook: Maison Martin Morel

Photos: Thomas Smith

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