New Pigalle dive bar gem
SoPi (South Pigalle) is like the Parisian hipster nightlife Disneyland, with a club (Chez Moune), a cocktail bar (le Carmen), a dive bar (le Sans Souci), and even an hotel/restaurant to start/finish the night (l’Hotel Amour).
And now there is one more excellent reason to spend the night in Pigalle: Jean–the same guy behind le Sans Souci and the most acclaimed/mysterious nightlife entrepreneur in Pigalle–has opened le Mansart.
Opened one week ago, it’s already packed with the coolest crowd of Pigalle playing foosball and drinking cheap beer. Located just down the street from le Sans Souci and just in front of le Carmen, with bistrot decor and a huge patio, it will without a doubt become a summer sensation. For all these reasons, plus the opportunity to have a cheap diner and pastis just in front le Carmen, we immediately loved le Mansart.

1 rue Mansart, 75009
metro: Pigalle

le Mansart bar Paris

Le Mansart

[googleMap name=”Le Mansart” description=”1 rue Mansart, 75009 ” width=”600″ height=”250″ mousewheel=”false” directions_to=”false”]1 rue Mansart, 75009 [/googleMap]