La Pierre is a team of 7 young talents with diverse and complementary inspirations. Each of them is passionately involved in their chosen field: fashion, photography, literature, music, design. Wandering in the cities and capitals they cross together, they embrace their different energies. Quickly, La Pierre is created and based around a common interest for subcultures.
Time, along with the flame that drives them, has led La Pierre to open an alternative creative space. A modern day art galery whose curation is as diverse & strong as the messages & visions the crew want to share.
They opened La Pierre Exposition on feb 21st with their first work of curation for the show Beirut Youth by Gogy Esparza & Jey Perie. Paris came and showed a lot of love around that beautiful first exhibition of La Pierre. Ten days was there.
Photos: Camille Zerhat