Yesterday, la suite showcased  2 brands the eco friendly brand BE created by Sandra Sisley and Gaëlle Constantini. BE offers cotton 100 %  recycled hand written by Nicolas Ouchenir. On the other side the young and talented designer Gaëlle Constantini  offers refine and smart giving a 2nd life to hand picked dead stock materials. At night celebrities pass by the suite Sandra & Co such as Axelle Laffont, Audrey Dana, Elisa Bachir Bey, Romain Sichez.
With djsets by Richie Reach and Laura De Greef the guests gathered for another special evening. Among others: Clément Animalsons, Le DJ Rawdolf, Janane Boudili, Axelle Laffont and her husband Romain Sichez, Stephen Manas, Hugo Matha in the name of Nicolas Ouchenir, the stylist Philippe Uter, Caroline Margeridon, actress Ambre Larrazet and Yoann Latouche had the chance to enjoy the energetic atmosphere of Sandra Sisley dressed by Livy X Carolina Ritzler.