A multidisciplinary contemporary art meeting carried by two artists of the new generation; Salomé Partouche and Jean-Samuel Halifi. Young and daring, the Biennale de Paname association frees itself from the usual intermediaries of the art market to offer an exhibition created by the artists themselves, for the public. Twenty-three days of free and open-access exhibition in the heart of Saint-Ouen, for a single ambition: to open the doors of contemporary art to a wide audience. Twenty artist artists will invite visitors to navigate between installations, performances, paintings, sculptures … Several showcases, conferences, workshops will punctuate the month. The Biennale de Paname is supported by partners in accordance with its values: La Mairie de Saint-Ouen, Radio Nova, the Atelier de Paname Paulette, Melty, Le bonbon or even Paris Secret: support and creators of content throughout the event, and we thank them.


Photos : Alek