Event branding agency Romy’s Music team up with Arthi and many artists to create a curation heteroclite and solidary, of live gigs and dj sets live stream to keep on partying …  at home.
For more than a month  Arthi’s youtube channel showcase replay of this collaborative project  open to all artists till clubs & live places are still closed.
More dates and sessions to come!
Dj set SLVN 2
This weekend
Dj set by Melody April 30th :https://youtu.be/j7H7LxFt4go

Past sessions streams :
Dj set de SLVN : https://youtu.be/ERZNk3Y6FkM
Concert de Wugo : https://youtu.be/jzkrvdPhY2U
Dj set d’Arno Cost : https://youtu.be/t2qaxO9muds
Dj set d’AMS : https://youtu.be/y9a7xb_BZK8
Concert de Thérèse https://youtu.be/i8ib3y-XF8s
Dj set de Taf Mag : https://youtu.be/VTsum_8f5-Y
Concert de Praa : https://youtu.be/eotSuhiWdEY
Next sessions:
May 7th : Dj set Lazy Flow
May 8th : Live Jon Onj
May 21st : Dj set Emma B
May 22nd: Live Blowsom
May 28th: TBC Samedi
May 29th : Live Kim Giani & Cléa Vincent