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The exhibition “1230 ° C” created by Camille Zerhat took place at the Iconoclastes Gallery. This exhibition brought together 12 artists, such as Ceizer, Jan Melka or Cyrielle Gulacsy,  around an ancestral know-how which for centuries has been witness to many civilizations: ceramics.
This project was born from multiple collaborations around the sharing but also the unknown: that of offering a new support to their art. Porous, fragile and demanding. Behind each piece hides a technical and conceptual challenge, that of bringing together art and the utilitarian. Lunch on a painting could seem senseless, it is nevertheless what proposes this exhibition, through the sale of all models exposed. Every morning, it is possible to pour his coffee into a work of art.
A meeting between art and utility but also an alliance between artist and craftsman.Every morning, it is possible to pour coffee in a work of art. Ceramics is the art of fire, it appeared before the work of glass and metal and this to the Neolithic.

Photos: Alek Katar & Eolia

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