He’s young, talented, he became fashion editors’ pet in less than a year and is of all the best parties during Fashion Week. Simon Porte Jacquemus is what you could call an up-and-coming designer. Clean cuts, raw fabrics, his clothes reflects his vision of a strong and independant woman, and after putting his girls in a factory, he brought parisian model Caroline de Maigret in the middle of a kennel to present his Spring Summer 2012 collection. So it seems like there is something about Simon and awkward places. Is it the same for his favorite spots in Paris ? Let’s find out.



Simon Porte Jacquemus

Simon Porte Jacquemus

My favorite place in Paris happens to be my own flat. I live at La Fourche, so basically, most of the places I hang are around this area. I don’t necessarily go outside my confort zone.

Les puces de st Ouen

If I could spend some money on furnishing my flat, I’ll definitely splurge there. I’m not into the design part of it, but there are many different styles, you can find cool stuff, old pearls, ancient  granny-style dresses, it is very inspirational. And I like the atmosphere, the mix of people.

Open every Saturday, Sunday, Monday.



I don’t like vintage, I don’t like the retro aspect of it BUT, I like finding old pieces that have a very modern look, either the cut or the fabric. I’m very into big chunky knits, sweaters, that I can even use as a pattern for pieces of my own collection. And I like buying stuff there for my girl friends, even if they don’t really wear them « *sigh* »…

19 avenue de Clichy, 75009 Paris

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Guerrisol vintage paris


Bazaars from avenue de St Ouen

I’m fascinated by 99 cents stores. There’s a profusion of useless stuff there that really intrigues me. It’s like a cheap cabinet of curiosities.



Bar St Michel

It really doesn’t have anything special to it, but it’s my local bar. I usually go there before going out, to get some Pastis.

13 avenue de Saint Ouen, 75018 Paris


Bar StMichel

Self Madeleine

It’s kind of weird because it’s a self-service restaurant, you eat for really cheap, it’s like school cafeteria, but there is this woman there, who owns the place, and she is so concerned about me everytime I come, she goes like « oh my dear, come, come, I’m gonna feed you ».  She’s so sweet.
I often go there to eat for lunch, it’s fast and simple but feels good.

6, rue de Surène, 75008 Paris



Self Madeleine

Article & Photos: Alexandra Remise