ARAW, A Roll, A Week. This is the latest challenge of Ludovic Zuili, the rising photographer and filmmaker: every week, he publishes a new film roll on his eponym website. He will be hosting a two-day exhibition to celebrate the first year of the existence of ARAW, from this evening on, at Le Huit in Paris.

Ludovic already plays big: close to the fashion sphere, he collaborated with Olivier Zahm, Louis Vuitton or Le Printemps in the past, and will release his first short movie “A mort, à mort”, produced by BoogieMan Production, in February this year. His latest photography exhibitions, “8 ways 2 die” and “Les séries américaines”, were featured in Shanghai, Zürich, Bruxelles and Paris.

He met Paul Mouginot, and unveiled at this occasion for Ten Days in Paris his upcoming project, called “L’instant T”. It will be a set of photographs, before and after which there is a story. The photographer freezes this particular moment, the viewer’s imagination takes over.

That’s it: now, you wonder where to meet this kind and talented man…

La Maison Européenne de la Photo

This is no secret place, of course, but if you’re a photography enthusiast, and even if you’re not, you can’t miss this place. The exhibitions are diverse, the selection is flawless and it’s a great occasion to see photographs I love in the books.

I advise you to go there in the middle of the week, as there is fewer visitors.

5 Rue de Fourcy  75004 Paris

The Bottle Shop

I’m probably not the first one to talk about it but I’d rather eat here for lunch than for dinner. In the evening, it is a English-style bar quite nice, but in the day, you feel more like you’re in Berlin. It’s good, fresh place to work or read, especially at the end of the service.

The Bottle shop
5 Rue Trousseau  75011 Paris
01 43 14 28 04
Open everyday, 12pm-2 am


Librairie Leks

It’s definitely not the hypest or most cutting-edge bookshop of Paris, but they have art, photo or fashion books that no other shop features. The people there know their business and will be able to give you useful pieces of advice. Some beautiful books are often subject to rebates. I was looking for a book by Stephen Shore, “Uncommon places – 50 unpublished”, which usually retails between €100 and €150 on eBay. I got it here for €35 with an extra free book.

19 rue Pierre Lescot
75001 Paris

Le Carillon

In Paris, you certainly can find a lot of trendy bars, but this one has an atmosphere I always enjoy. Perfect for early or late evening drinks, close to the Canal Saint-Martin, it will be the perfect introduction/conclusion of a dinner at Philou, at Cambodge or at Mme Shawn’s.

18 Rue Alibert  75010 Paris

01 42 39 81 88

Stade Pershing

It is probably the place where I spent the most of my time between April and November. I play and train there with my baseball team. In summer the place is very enjoyable, with vast grass fields to tan a bit. If you don’t like baseball, you probably don’t know this sport enough, and I might organize explanation sessions one day, if you come and support us…

Bois de Vincennes

Le Septime

The chef of this restaurant features a “carte blanche” menu: you just sign up for this and the meal will be a complete surprise ! If you have only few allergies, don’t worry, everything will be fine…

The ambiance is quiet and the waiters are extremely nice and answer precisely any question.

This won’t be your usual restaurant, because you have to book early and it’s a bit expensive, but you have to treat yourself with this kind of pleasure from time to time !

80 Rue de Charonne  75011 Paris

Article: Paul Mouginot

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