alma jodorowsky

alma jodorowsky

You may already have seen Alma heartbroken in an Opening Ceremony video, chilling on a l’Officiel photo set with Jeanne Damas and Lou Lessage, or rocking with her band “the Burning Peacocks.” Beginning May 9 she’s starring in the movie Sea no sex and sun and is currently shooting the adaptation of the comic book “le bleu est une couleur chaude” with Lea Seydoux. Alma Jodorowsky is, as you may guess, the grand daughter of the cult Chilean movie director Alejandro Jodorowsky. And to our great pleasure, she tells us today about her favorite hangouts in Paris.

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The Burning Peacocks

Filmothèque du quartier latin 

I go to the cinema very often and when it comes to seeing an old movie, I like to go to “La filmo.”
I love the programs and retrospectives there, as well as the rooms, the “Marilyn” and the “Audrey,” which are so kitsch, and the owner, a passionate old filmmaker who always has a story to tell.

9 Rue Champollion 75005

Canal St Martin

When it’s not too cold outside, I like to have coffee at Prune, then grab a delicious slice of apple pie at the boulangerie at the corner of rue Toudic and rue de Marseille and walk along the Canal St Martin.

Musée Gustave Moreau

One of my favorite french painters. Set in the former house of the artist himself, you can visit his rooms and see a huge collection of his paintings and drawings on the second and third floors, which used to be his studio. A mystical and very poetic atmosphere exudes from this place. It’s always calm and not too crowded, and of course his art is magnificent!

4 Rue de la Rochefoucauld 75009

Ave Maria

Just thinking about this place makes me hungry. They have all kinds of exotic dishes from all over the world, so I always spend half an hour choosing what I want to order! I also love the decor of the place: colored walls, all kinds of Santa Maria icons, mirrors, fake flowers… It’s like a huge bobo cabinet of curiosities.

1 Rue Jacquard

The Bottle Shop

Good rock and roll music, good cocktails and cute boys! I like to go there during the week, like Wednesday or Thursday when it’s not too crowded but enough to have fun. Those are also usually the days when they have the best DJ sets when it comes to awesome rock, indie, or soul music.

The Red House

I also like the Red House, opened by my friend Joe not even a year ago on the street just next to “The Bottle.” I like to hang there with friends, drinking an old fashioned next to the buffalo skull and the portrait of Denis Hopper. I also very often bring my vinyls to dj there.

1 bis rue de la Forge Royale 75012

Marché des enfants rouges

Especially the traditional Japanese restaurant where the have very good bentos. After that, I like to meet my friends at a café, Le progres for example, which is in the same street, and then go chill at the park in front of the mairie du 3e.

39 Rue de Bretagne 75003