Sick of le Marais? You’ve finally understood that Pigalle hasn’t been cool since 5 years ago? Let’s discover the upcoming area to spend your time and money… Between Cadet & Poissonnière lots of hyped restaurants are appearing, due to the arrival of production companies and trendy design/architecture studios in the hood…

Le Café Pinson 2: The Detox Pick
– 30-something girls with strollers eating gluten free pastries and drinking beet & carrot cocktail juice
– Music newcomers using free wifi and sipping coffee with almond milk
– Video producers trying to hook up with newly vegan Brooklyn girls

Do Not Expect:
– Big juicy steaks and Pata Negra: this spot is 1000% vegan
– Not the place for your post-break-up junk food orgy

Where: 58, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière

cafe pinson poissoniere

Big Fernand (& Little Fernand): Junk Food for Hipsters
– Dudes in beanies and Canadian tuxedos
– Burgers with super strong French cheese
–  Aspiring food reporters Instagramming their burgers (Amaro Filter)
– 150 ft further find Little Fernand, which serves conceptual hot dogs

Do Not Expect:
– Service in 5 minutes (there’s a huge line all day long)
– To pretend to be a beer expert: only one type is served (Ch’ti ?!!), but there’s a large selection of organic lemonade

Where: Big Fernand 55 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009 / Little Fernand 45 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009

big fernand poissoniere paris

Richer: Top Bobo Bistronomie
– Super-cliché, revisited terroir French food (e.g., cheek of veal with fried vegetable roots)
– Overpacked with bobos drinking special blend Brazilian/Ethiopian “neo café”
– Beer brands you’ve never heard of before

Do Not Expect:
– A smile from the waitress. Neo bistro, but traditional pretentious Parisian service
– Stale food: it’s super fresh and a good selection.

Where: 2, rue Richer Paris 75009

le richer paris poissoniere resto

Abri: French X Japanese Fusion Canteen
– To feel like a Parisian secret spot insider: sign-less, graffiti-marked shop front
-Tonkatsu (a traditional Japanese sandwich) with a French twist
– Affordable prices for high quality food

Do Not Expect:
– To eat the same dish twice: the Japanese chef cooks “Omasake” (according to his mood)
– To come with your football team the place is crazy tiny
– Sandwich Jambon Beurre: tonkatsu porc with kimchi omelette or toasted cheese with umami sauce

Where: 92, rue Faubourg Poissonnière. 75010

abri restaurant

L’Hotel Du Temps: Saturday Tea Time
– Bloggers gossiping and eating Michalk’s pastries
– Fashion PR staffers dealing with their huge fashion week hang over
– Give up on the tea time detox and start a cocktail apero in the hotel bar/cave

Do Not Expect:
– To see any dudes there, except the bartender and Yoan, the owner

Where: 11 rue de Montholon, 9th

hotel du temps tea time

Bonus: Il Professore NYC Style Italian Restaurant (at the border of the area)
– Fancy Italian food: White Truffe Oil Lasagnas, Sea Beam Carpaccio, Mozzarella Burratta
– Secret Cocktail Club behind the open kitchen
– Surf & turf: try the veal and tuna course it’s our favorite pick

Do Not Expect:
– Pizza Margarita and Bolognese Pastas (the place is classic but not cliché)
– Unpleasant French waiters: only smiley & bang-able Italian waitresses

Where: 7, rue Choron Paris 75009