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After watching “La Grande Bellazza” at Silencio, we imagine you’ve made up your mind: fucking that Italian cougar posing as an art journalist is officially your next sex conquest.

Well, we’ve got some nice tips for you. The first is to read up on our new top 5 Italian restaurants and instead of eating out an Italian, you’ll eat in and dine on some fresh seafood pasta and huge napoletano sausage. Pray that Donatella Versace is in a pizza mood…

Or better yet, you could try to win our new contest for!

Spend three nights in the most beautiful room of contemporary artist Nathalie de Saint Phalle’s Palazzo Spinelli in Napoli and try to find one on the spot.

If you’re lucky, your next stop will be buying a new summer suit at Rubinacci, before booking tickets for the Almafianian coast.

If you want to win a 3-night vacation, feast on pasta and enjoy the delicious company of some Italian cougars/ragazzo, try your luck and send us an email to

Caffè Dei Cioppi

Quoted as the number one Italian restaurant in Paris among foodies, the Caffè Dei Cioppi is a teensy, tiny, piccoli “caffè,” with less than twenty seats, plus a “pop up” terrace during the summer. Classic Italian menu—risotto, charcuteria, lasagna, creamy burrata, vino rosso etc…—epic, authentic, memorable, yummy, made with amore, are just few words to describe this Parisian temple of Italian food. Booking is imperative!

Caffè Dei Cioppi / 159 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine / 75011 Paris

caffe dei cioppi pasta night paris

Amici Miei

Located between NoMa (North Marais) and Bastille, Amici Mei (“my friends”) brings high-quality Sardinian food to the city. Rich in choices from a killer carpaccio to traditional seafood dishes—special mention to the calamari, which come in pasta or risotto. Thirsty? Choose from the molto buone selection of Italian wines, of course! No reservations, but don’t worry if you can’t snag a table, you still can order a pizza box when the restaurant is packed.

Amici Miei / 44 Rue Saint-Sabin / 75011 Paris

amici miei paris


When you think Mozzarella, you think yummmmy Italian cheese. That’s why ragazze Laura & Helena gave the NoMa gourmets the Mmmozzarella cave they needed. Mozzarella, of any type—buffala, scamorza, burrata, etc.—and in any size—balls of course—are the main draw, but a selection of antipasti, charcuterie, pasta and oil are also available. You can have your cheese in the restaurant or take it out between two slices of Tuscan mortadella, seasoned with olive oil and Italian pickles in a crunchy baguette. Sandwich: 4-5 euros, plate: 12 euros.

Mmmozza / 57 Rue de Bretagne / 75003 Paris

Mmmozza italian restaurant paris

il Brigante

Hidden in a small street of the 18th, il Brigante is for sure the most authentic micro-pizzeria in Paris (even the Asian waiter is super Italian).

Salvatore (surly bearded dude from Calabria), the owner, will toss you a super thin pizza with a perfectly crispy crust and only the finest fresh Italian products: guanciale (pork cheek) sopressata (spicy salami), capicollo (pork shoulders), napoletano sausage or smoked scamorza.

A well-kept secret by the Montmartre locals for a long time, it now happens that “Sal” has ran out of our favorite pizza, the “brigante” (recipe and ingredients are still unknown). We guess this is the price of fame…

il Brigante / 14 Rue du Ruisseau / 75018 Paris

il brigante italian restauarnt paris


Created by heir of Merci (well-known concept store two steps away from the restaurant), this hybrid pizzeria and cocktail club housed in a Lower East Side-looking loft quickly became a hipster institution in NOMA.

Elaborate cocktails and concept pizzas, such as the “pizza del Baffetto” (chocolate cream and hazelnut pizza) for dessert, are finally reunited in one place.

Merci / 91 Boulevard Beaumarchais / 75003 Paris

grazie italian restaurant paris


Pink Flamingo / 105 Rue Vieille du Temple / 75003 Paris
Al Taglio / 2 Bis Rue Neuve Popincourt / 75011 Paris
Cibus / 5 Rue Molière / 75001 Paris
Maria Luisa / 2 Rue Marie et Louise / 75010 Paris
Bistrot 1929 / 49 Rue Orfila / 75020 Paris

The Contest: 3 nights at L’Albergo del Purgatorio

Inside the Palazzo Spinelli, this hotel is the home of 60’s contemporary artist Niki de Saint Phalle and located in the heart of the Dionysian, noisy, mafiosi Napoli, nestled between the Tyrrhenian sea and the Vesuvio, a.k.a., “the best landscape in Europe”.

Only known by insiders who spread the word parsimoniously, spending a night here is like plunging into a unique artsy experience, in the spirit of a true renaissance Palazzo.

The only rule is to bring a book that you have signed yourself and leave it here as a contribution to this unclassifiable place.

If you want to win a 3-night vacation, feast on pasta and enjoy the delicious company of some Italian cougars/ragazzo, try your luck and send us an email to

Albergo del Purgatorio