Gone are the days when eating with a knife and fork was the only acceptable way to dig into a nice juicy burger. Now, it’s perfectly OK do as the cavemen did and eat with your hands. Although it’s easy to swing by your local McDo or Quick Burger for your red-meat fix, you can only have so many pre-made, franchised burgers before it starts to get old. With the recent invasion of gourmet food trucks in Paris, you no longer have to settle for prepared has-beens. Check out our top five restos-on-wheels that are serving up street-food creations that will convert even the most loyal Mc/Quick fans out there.


It’s 2 am. You’re just leaving Le Baron after a champagne-soaked evening of dancing and skirt/suit-chasing, but you’re ready to go home solo, and you’re famished. You walk out the door, and just as you’re about to debate your late-night meal options, the smell of sizzling meat smacks you almost back into sobriety as you realize your dilemma is already resolved. Goody’s co-founders Ibrahim and David have opened one of the few food trucks in service after hours that offers cooked-to-order gourmet burgers, fresh fries topped with a creamy sauce maison and sinfully good desserts, including Oreo Tiramisu and apple crumble or a fruit salad for the diet-conscious. Opt for any one of the signature creations (special mention for Le Goody’s Bacon), and if you’re beef-shy, substitute a chicken or falafel patty, or order a hefty salad. Go ahead. Your stomach will thank you in the morning.

Goody’s Hours/Locations : http://www.goodys.fr/calendrier/


Le Camion Qui Fume

Need to nourish yourself before a night of folie at Wanderlust or Nüba? Or maybe you’re strolling the Canal Saint Martin on Sunday night with that cutie you met the night before, and you need a quick dinner option to impress? Then head to Le Camion Qui Fume, the original food truck to roll into Paris and create the burger-on-wheels frenzy. Dreamed up and made a reality by native Californian chick Kristin (chef-in-training at Ferrandi), this mobile resto pulls massive crowds with its selection of huge, succulent burgers topped with either traditional American or French ingredients, according to your taste. The braised pork sandwich (a rarity in Paris) is finger-licking good, and if you’re starving, you can make any burger a double or get the house fries and a slice of cheesecake for a sweet finish.

Le Camion Qui Fume Hours/Locations : http://www.lecamionquifume.com/

Cantine California

Sometimes you just gotta quit your day job, move across the world and set up a food truck in Paris. At least that’s what people from California seem to be doing lately, and it worked for Canadian-American Jordan Feilders who left San Francisco behind and brought the food with him. Quality, organic ingredients make up the base of the Californian-inspired offerings, including spicy pork tacos and burgers topped with blackened red peppers and avocado, in addition to the coveted combo of Cheddar-bacon-red onion-lettuce-tomato. Hand-cut fries, made-from-scratch cupcakes and authentic milkshakes round out the menu, and for brunch-lovers, you can get buttermilk blueberry pancakes or a breakfast burrito, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Cantine California Hours/Locations : http://www.cantinecalifornia.com/

Deux Filles Un Camion

Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with 2 girls 1 cup (don’t Google it. You’ll never be hungry again). Instead, imagine two charming French ladies (Cécile and Delphine) with a much healthier relationship to food, both graduated from Ferrandi and eager to join the emerging Paris food truck brigade but with a slight diversion from the burger mania and instead serving healthful salads and ethnic-inspired dishes during your lunch break. The menu is extremely varied and colorful with fresh, in-season ingredients that come together in refreshing salads, elegantly garnished soups, traditional French or foreign hot dishes, sandwiches, muffins and tarts, to name a few. Who said girls can’t drive trucks with the big boys?

Deux Filles Un Camion Contact : delphine@2f1c.com / http://www.facebook.com/deuxfillesuncamion

Le Refectoire

Although Le Refectoire is the new truck on the block, it’s quickly making its mark on the map, especially if you’re looking for a more French-inspired burger. An ambitious young French girl named Valentine is the mastermind behind the menu, which features beef steak burgers cooked-to-order on an artisan bun smothered in cheeses such as aged Comté, Mozzarella di Buffala, Emmental or Cantal, house sauces and roasted bacon or veggies. For something different, try the fish-and-chips-style Coley sandwich or the boeuf bourguignon-inspired burger that’s slow-cooked for 6 hours to pull-apart perfection. Swedish-style potatoes and homemade coleslaw are a nice accompaniment, and the hand-crafted desserts are splurge-worthy.

Le Refectoire Hours/Locations : http://www.facebook.com/LeRefectoire

le refectoire

Article: Stephanie Holmes

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