SPACED IN LOST @spacedinlost

S.I.L. is an exhibition concept founded in 2018 by the artist Filip-Andreas Skrapic @skrapic. It understands itself as a heterotopia dealing with the idea of hyperreality and the way we perceive realms.

For S.I.L. III – he invited Yvannoé Kruger @yvannoe to curate the exhibition and exchanging with 11 artists about reality shifts, phenomenological alteration and realm distortion.

SPACED IN LOST III – An imaginary futur populated  by ancestral believes

Hugo Avigo, Bianca Bondi, Grégory Chatonsky, Salomé Chatriot, Paul Créange, Pierre Clement, Antoine Donzeaud, Melchior de Tinguy, Samuel Fasse, Romain Lecornu,  Estrid Lutz, Chloé Royer, Hugo Servanin & Jeanne Viceria, Filip-Andreas Skrapic, Julie Villard & Simon Brossard

Photos: Thomas Smith