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What do you do when tu as la dalle and you’re stuck in Pigalle ? Just say no to the ubiquitous kebab and crêpe stands because there’s a new Japanese cantine in the neighborhood that’s serving up a tasty, affordable antidote to your roaring faim.

Peco Peco, which non-incidentally is a Japanese expression to indicate feeling quite ravenous, steps outside of the Bento box with a crunchy new take on brochettes and a menu that does out-of-the-ordinary things with Wasabi and bread crumbs.

Specializing in Donburi (rice bowls) during the day and Kushiagé (breaded meat or veggie skewers) at night, the cozy eatery niched away on rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle is a refreshing, authentic alternative to the old sushi standbys, swapping out raw fish for cooked and crispy delicacies.

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For lunch, sit down to a bowl of fried chicken, teriyaki salmon or vegetarian Donburi, each garnished with colorful, exotic ingredients on a bed of fluffy white rice. Or make it a baguette Katsusandwich filled with breaded pork and red cabbage dressed in the house BBQ sauce. If you’re still hungry, dig into the homemade sesame mocha panna cotta or the lemon quatre-quart to finish.

When night falls, the menu shifts to Kushiagé with a well-rounded selection of fried veggie, meat, seafood and cheese brochettes plunked down into a wooden serving block for sharing or hoarding. We tried a few from each category and were especially pleased with the Shiitake mushroom, pork, bacon-wrapped asparagus, honeyed goat cheese and Wasabi chicken. Neither overly greasy nor too heavy, the breading’s crackly texture balances nicely with the soft, steaming interior goodness.

Three to four skewers per person makes for a satisfying meal accompanied by any of the sides, which include Edamame beans (also served as a healthy amuse-bouche), Yaki Onigri (grilled rice ball), Daikon salad, or a half-portion of the Katsusandwich.

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Run by Benjamin (previously chez Les Pères Populaires) and his buddy, Chef Kenji (Nippon native and former pastry chef at Fogon and Ze Kitchen Galerie), the restaurant provides that kind of homey, relaxing backdrop ideal for a casual date or a family-style meal with friends.

With miniscule prices, you can dine like a Parisian pauper and leave with the belly of a king, so the next time you tell yourself “Miso hungry,” remind yourself the correct phrase is “Peco Peco,” and give the place a try.

Article: Stéphanie Holmes / Photos: cecj2

Peco Peco
47 rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle
75009 Paris
Métro : Pigalle, Blanche, Saint-Georges
Open for lunch from Monday through Friday, dinner from Wednesday to Saturday
Prices : Skewers (1,50 to 2,50€ each), Donburi (8,50€) Lunch menus (11,50€ Donburi + soup + salad; 12,50€ Donburi + drink + dessert), Desserts (2 to 5€)
Phone : 01 53 16 19 84
Facebook :

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