The Paris Liquor Store is the new address for trendy tipplers and curious boozers who want to try limited series alcohols and play it like P. Diddy in his latest video when they offer girls a drink at their place after pimpin’ at a party.

There are no more excuses for bringing a 4e bottle of wine to your friend’s birthday or offering Smirnoff to your gang when they come have drink at your place–conceived by a team of mad men and creatives from ad agencies with the contribution of members of the From Paris collective, the shop offers all the edgiest booze on the market from limited editions of Hennessy by Futura to Cyroc, Crystal Head etc… We’ve heard about some events coming soon, but hush hush, it’s a secret.

The Paris Liquor
29 rue du 4 septembre
75002 Paris
metro: Opera

the paris liquor Store

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[googleMap name=”The Paris Liquor Store” description=”29 rue du 4 septembre” width=”600″ height=”200″ mousewheel=”false” directions_to=”false”]29 rue du 4 septembre, Paris[/googleMap]