You may have seen Girls Girls Girls – Giulietta, Betty & Louise – Djing dirty rap at Social Club, Silencio or Titty Twister.

But the only thing that every horny boy in Paris wants to know: how to get Girls Girls Girls !!!

Where do you meet guys? In the club? At your DJ gigs? Do guys come up to you at your DJ gigs?

Louise: People come up to us often while we DJ which is really annoying.

Giulietta: It’s not thaaat annoying.

Louise: Personally, that’s a direct elimination. While I’m DJing? It’s like “I’m mixing, just give me a second.” If they insist, it’s just annoying.


But you say it’s not that annoying.

Giulietta: It’s not that annoying. I think it’s quite fun. I guess guys just see girls playing and they’re like “Whoa!” Most of the time they’re just like ‘I never thought a girl could play those things” or “play like that” or whatever. You see [excitement] in their eyes. It’s funny because they want to talk to you, but at the same time they’re a bit scared of you, so I never feel threatened or anything, it’s just a bit cute I think. None of us, never – I think – would go out with somebody who… I think it’s more of a guy thing to go out with your fans or groupies. As a girl, it’s more difficult because you need a guy who can be a guy. If he’s already too ‘oh my god’, then he’s kind of lost it I guess.

Louise: I agree. I concur.

girls girls girls 1


Would you judge a guy by the song request that he makes?

Louise: Of course. If he’s making a song request, it’s already a pre-filter. According to what he’s asks of course he’s going to get judged.

Giulietta: Unless he comes to you and asks for something really rare and stuff that you love and then you feel like “Oh my god! Connection.”

Louise: But that never happens.

Giulietta: It never happens.

Louise: Most of the time people come to you and ask [for] Rihanna. Or “do you have that A$AP Rocky/2 Chainz? Yeah do you have that?”

Betty: Most of the time the requests and interactions are not interesting enough to meet people. Most of the time it’s weird moments, awkward moments.

Louise: It kind of comes from a place of “I can do your jun better than you. I’m going to tell you what to do.”

In terms of qualities that you do look for in guys, what would be the top good qualities?

Louise: To be inspiring. I think that for me, that’s the charm that I’ll see in a boy.

Through what they do or by encouraging you?

Louise: Both. Through what they do, they’ll inspire me and the fact that they admire what I do, it becomes a bit of a partnership.

Giulietta: I like to feel like there’s a possibility of a connection. Not only music, but in anything, you know/ Lifestyle and stuff.

Louise: Basically I guess what you’re saying and I agree with you – i was going to say that too – is good taste. if they have good taste in general.

Giulietta: And fun, they have to be fun.



What’s a fun guy in your eyes? Someone who can dance and not care? Or someone who wants to go on an adventure? What’s fun?

Louise: Someone comfortable with himself.

Giulietta & Betty: Yeah.

Giulietta: Who’s not afraid of ridiculousness and doesn’t care about what other people think. I think that’s the most important thing. because when you’re like that, you dare to do basically everything.

Louise: I won’t lie, I think nerds are fun, but I’m a complete nerd, so…

In what way?

Louise: I’ll nerd out. For example, my latest Twitter rant about the Jay Z album, I could go on and literally talk for hours about how much I’m mad at Jay Z. I’m so mad. For example, analyzing all the lyrics and the beats and talking about that for hours, it’s a complete nerd out and that really turns me on.



Do you feel like those qualities are easier to find in girls – not afraid of ridiculousness – sometimes? I find fearless girls so much more frequently than fearless guys.

Giulietta: I think it’s more and more for guys too actually. I don’t know why exactly, but I think more and more guys are feeling comfortable with wearing whatever or listening to whatever, just being more free. I think it’s not just a girl thing. I think girls are better at pretending they’re free than guys. We all know those [types of] girls who are like “I’m so free, I don’t care,” but then they’re like “what did I do?” I think it’s not a gender thing to be free, it’s just a rare thing.

Louise: I have a theory though. I do think that fearlessness in guys comes with age. i think that the older they get, the more they realize, “Okay, well I’m pretty much set.” I think they have to be set in their lives; whether their thing is to have a secure job or whether their thing is to be accomplished, like an accomplished musician or photographer to graphic designer or artist or whatever, they have to have that sense of like “I’ve achieved something.” Be comfortable with who they are, who they’re hanging out with, their income, they become a lot more like “Sure, I’ll dress up as a girl or…” They’ll become a bit more fearless.

Giulietta: I wouldn’t want to date a guy who was like “Yeah, sure, I’ll dress up as a girl.”

Louise: It could be translated as well as the guys who are like “Let’s have a baby!” Different fearlessness.

In terms of your last romances, where did you meet the guys? How did you meet them?

Betty&G: Clubs.

Louise: I think we were introduced in the club, but then we met again.

Giulietta: And internet.

Louise: We were introduced in 2008, met after a party and we were like friends, but we didn’t see each other for ages. We kind of re-met recently, but was it a club?

How do you meet people at clubs? Are they coming up to you, same friend group, or…?

Giulietta: It’s more like friends of friends and people you know and then you start talking and you realize “Wow, this person is amazing.” I think also because we spent a lot of our time in the club, it’s not… We live in the club, but it becomes a way of living too. I’ve dated guys who weren’t at all about partying and had like really normal jobs and you realize how hard it is for them to understand us and understand “Oh, you go out to a club and you have lots of guy friends and what happens?” and you’re just like “Well, nothing. They’re just my friends, you know?” I think it’s a hard thing for a guy who’s not confident with himself to be with girls like us just because of what we do.

Louise: That’s true.

Giulietta: Like a girl working in a company. She will meet a guy who is… you end up with people who have the same interests as you.

girls girls girls 2

Girls Girls Girls

Are the guys intimidated or they just can’t figure you out? Do you think your ambition kind of factors in?

Louise: Yeah. It’s like the confidence factors in. When you know the nightlife, when you’ve worked in the nightlife you kind of know… They kind of get who we are like 100%. They will not assume that we’re doing drugs, orgies; that it’s full of debauchery. They’ll be like “No, I know it’s your job. A.) You’re going to work B.) You’re just doing it with your girlfriends. They’ll get it whereas I think if someone didn’t get that, they’d be like “Wait, so you go to the club like three times a week? You’re up until 5am? You drink alcohol everyday?”

Giulietta: Yeah, it’s because most guys think – most people actually, not just guys – go to the club to party and find boyfriends and girlfriends. That’s thee number one reason. In France, why people go to clubs is to try to “Get Lucky,” as Pharrell says. They’re like “Wait, you already are lucky, why do you need to go to the club again if we’re together?” And that’s sometimes a bit tricky, because that’s not the reason why we go out. Most of the time when we go out, we don’t even give a shit about that. We just want to make friends with people and listen to great music and dance and party. If we go out to make a great party and give all that we have when we play, it’s not about meeting someone. The club is not just that for us. Lyfe, with a Y.

Do you guys ever get pickup lines? Have your ever actually responded positively to a pickup line?

Giulietta&Louise: Yes.

Giulietta: Well, it was a long time ago. Ten years ago., but it’s actually a guy I still know now. It was in my neighborhood and this guy just came to me and started talking to me [and asked] “Would you like to have a coffee?” and I was like, “Okay!” And then we went for a coffee and everything. i don’t want to get into that story because it’s complicated and it’s private, but actually it turns out that I’ve now known him on and off for like ten years. Though nothing ever really happened, it’s a bit like When Harry Met Sally kind of story. I think it’s really cute, but we just met randomly in the street. And he’s my neighbor, it’s so funny.

Louise: I don’t have a specific story in mind, but… If the boy is cute or sweet, it doesn’t matter what pickup line he uses. It’s kind of like we’re vibing. You don’t need [a line]. Just saying “Do you want to go for coffee” or “Want a drink?” it’s like “Yeah, sure.”

Do people buy you drinks in the club too?

Louise: Yeah!

Betty: The last time I was playing at Social Club, I was playing and a guy just dropped ten euros while I was playing. I was like, “Okay, thank you.” He didn’t even buy me a drink.

Louise: He was just like “good job.” Making it rain.



If you guys were going to do a soundtrack to a good romance or good sex, what would be your top songs? 

Louise: You know that Breakbot remix of Metronomy “A Thing For Me” – I think it’s a very cute song to meet someone. You just want to speak with your eyebrows. Not saying anything, but the song says it all kind of thing. I think that’s a cute one.

Giulietta: To get in the mood, I’ll say something from the Dream. Definitely.

Louise: I second that.

Giulietta: If you played the Dream for me, I would be like, “Okay, let’s get it on.”

Betty: Anything from Trey Songz.

Giulietta: Yeah!

What do you think of Jeremih?

Giulietta: I love him! Oh my god! Last year, every time I heard “Fuck You All the Time,” I was like, “Let’s go!” I guess to fall in love would be the Dream “1+1.” I love that song.

Louise: I’m more of a Trey Songz “Jupiter Love,” myself. Once you’re in love, i think that’s a beautiful song. It’s really pretty. Otherwise, just sweet soul [music]. I have so many that are on 45s because back then one-timers, it was so cheap to just go record, they would just press 15 copies of a vinyl. It wouldn’t become a hit, but it’s really beautiful songs. That’s my jam.

Betty: Michael Jackson… “In the Closet.” In the video when he’s like dancing with Naomi Campbell, I always pictured me as Naomi Campbell. I thought the video would be the perfect date.

Giulietta: And to say you like someone, I would say Goapele “Crushed Out.”

Louise: And to get in the mood, Lil’ Kim ft. Lil’ Cease “Crush on You.”

How about a song for a quickie?

Giulietta: “Let me Bang.”

Laughter all around.

Giulietta: Since we’re into Trey Songz, I would say Trey Songz and Drake’s “I Invented Sex.”

Louise: That’s really quick, because it’s a very short song.

Giulietta: It’s gonna be quick, but you’ll never forget.

Laughter all around.

Tips for guys to pick up girls like you?

Betty: Don’t pay too much attention to me. Just do your thing and I’ll come.

Giulietta: That’s hard to make contact though.

Betty: Yeah.

Louise: What I think is the perfect tip to pick up a girl is plant a seed in her head. Give her the idea that you like her and that you want to kiss her and then disappear. Let the seed grow in her mind and then she’ll come to find you.

Giulietta: Play a little hard to get.

Louise: Just leave her with the idea, let it happen for her, give her her time, her space and then…

Giulietta aka Piu Piu

Giulietta aka Piu Piu

Do you approach guys yourself? What are your tips for girls approaching guys?

Giulietta: I tested all the things. I did. I did the I-never-have-met-the-guy-I-just-went-and-kissed-him. That was really fun.

Louise: You did that?

Giulietta: I’m a dare-oriented person. It was a doorway in a club. And it was like, “Oh this guy is really cute!” And I said it out loud; “Oh this guy with the red scarf is really cute” or something to my friend and then his friends went in and he stayed out. We were smoking and I just went to him. I didn’t talk to him at all. i just went to him and grabbed him by the scarf and kissed him and then went away. Then he followed me and he was like, “What? What happened? What did you do?” And I was like, “Oh, nothing.” And then he just pushed me against the wall and kissed me. It was awesome.

I guess it depends on the moment. you have to feel it. I’m never scared to tell a guy if I like him.

Does it ever turn out that they have girlfriends already?

Louise and Giulietta: Yes!

Louise: That’s happened before.

Giulietta: On that case, i didn’t know. Every time it’s happened, [I didn’t know].

Louise: I guess the perfect advice is be yourself. Understand what you want and don’t try to hard. And also I’m going to quote a direct translation of what is a Romanian quote: “A girl should never run after a train. There will always be a next one.” So a girl should never chase a boy. She should never have to run for a boy. There’s always a boy who’s going to come in on her when it’s the right time.

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