Bartenders: they make cocktails for lovers, see desperate people get rejected, and have no doubt borne witness to many drunken make-out sessions. Yes, they’re mixologists, but one might also call them sociologists. So, we consider them qualified to help you out on your next dragueur excursion. At the very least, you’ll know what to order to impress the man or woman making your drinks.

Joshua Fontaine is the El Jimador Bartender Cup 2011 champion, but you probably know him better as the co-founder of Paris’ least French bar la Candelaria and new Pigalle watering hole, Glass.

Now that you know where to go, let’s talk about sex:


Ten Days: What’s the best pick-up line you’ve heard in the bar?

Joshua: Hi, my name is X. Can I buy you a drink?

TD: And the worst?

J: A guy started clucking like a chicken when a girl rejected him, as if calling her cowardly would make her want to sleep with him to prove she wasn’t. Obviously, this does not work.

TD: Best pick-up line you yourself have used?

J: Your drink’s on me. (wink)

party time at Glass

party time at Glass

TD: What’s the hottest drink a girl can order? (Like, she orders and you think to yourself, “Damn girl”)

J: Old Fashioned, or anything with mezcal.

TD: Any drinks that are a total turn off?

J: Mojito, Cosmopolitan, vodka cranberry, Long Island Iced Tea, vodka Red Bull.

TD: Do you think it’s possible to find love in the club?

J: Definitely!

la candelaria

la candelaria

TD: Who should be paying for drinks on a date?

J: The guy should pay the first round ; if the girl doesn’t offer to pay for the second, she’s not worth keeping! NEXT!

TD: Would you engage in flirtation at work, or is it a fruitless distraction?

J: Of course, it’s comes part and parcel with the job. No harm in a little small talk, maybe some dancing….

Article & ITW: Ella Riley-Adams

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