Adrien and Anthony Maselli are “Les Jumeaux,” DJs and PR men whose professional duty is throwing parties. Most recently, they organized a cocktail party for fashion brand Anne Fontaine and DJed at the Bulgari Club in Cannes. This week, they’ll be DJing at a restaurant opening in Paris. They play fashion shows, clubs, and openings of all kinds, much like Andrew Andrew but French and ten times hotter. We asked Adrien about dinner, dancing, and the (too tempting) ménage à trois:

adrien anthony les jumeaux

What is the best pickup line you’ve used?

I’ve had a girlfriend for a while now; I’m not used to hitting on girls.

What’s the worst pickup line someone has said to you?

When the girl begins to compare us, we hate that. I think it’s the same for my friends. Like if I have a good friend, we don’t like when girls compare us. Like, ‘Oh, you’re better than your friend.’

What’s the sexiest drink a girl can order?

Not champagne, because it makes the mouth smell bad. Vodka sour. It’s a very sexy cocktail. Very sweet, very sexy.

Who’s the hottest girl at a party?

The girl who’s dancing.

What kind of dancing do you like?

To house music. It’s composed with strong bass, so when a girl can dance with the same rhythm as the bass, it’s beautiful. And it’s less vulgar than hip-hop, because hip-hop is too much.

adrien anthony les jumeaux 2

Do you think it’s possible to find love in the club?

Yeah, I found my girlfriend at the club, at ladies night. We organized it every Wednesday night, and it’s free for girls for the night, plus an open bar for part of the night, and gogo dancers, and a lot of makeup brands, perfumes. I met my girl there.

And you’ve been with her for seven years?

Yeah, eight years. So it’s possible to find love [in the club].

Have you and your brother ever been asked for a menage à trois?

You mean like has a girl asked us directly, or…?

Yeah, like straight up.

Like that, never. But after one, two drinks at the bar, when we’ve spoken about our lives and joked, and maybe she asks in a sexy way, okay. Some girls could ask–perhaps one day, not tonight–to have sex with two cute boys, and then twins. Mais c’est pas vraiment un fantasme qu’on peut voir chez les filles. Pas beaucoup.

What do you think is the sexiest thing a girl can wear to a party?

Anything that’s not too vulgar. I think men, we want le désir, mais pas l’excitation. When a girl is wearing barely anything, we’ll all say, “Oh yeah she’s hot, etc etc,” but in the end, everyone sees that. So when a girl is dressed a bit more modestly, not every man will look at her, and that means that if you look at her, you’re looking at a girl that’s really attractive to you. Maybe your friend wouldn’t have noticed her.

Especially for guys today, who I think have become maybe a bit more feminine–while girls are a bit more masculine–I think we like a girl who is pretty, who knows how to look good but in a way that’s a bit more caché, sexy, elegant. She doesn’t wear flashy colors or show a ton of skin right away. If everyone notices her, she’s less interesting.

les jumeaux cirque

Where do you go for a romantic dinner in Paris?

Hotel Costes

Where do you go if you want to have an intimate conversation?

Dans un bar de palace. Even for any kind of conversation, a hotel bar. Like the Ritz, the bar of Le Bristol…

Where do you go when you want to dance?
Cirque Paradis, of course!

Article : Ella Riley-Adams