Burgers as the ultimate food trend? Sorry for le Camion qui Fume and Blend but common burgers are now so 2k12… Seafood is the real shit now. After the recent opening of le Mary Celeste -the fist Parisian oyster bar-, le Lobster Bar, a new soon to be classic restaurant just opened in the Louvre area.

All the food and booze are French & green responsible certified but the concept totally American. Inspired by the Lobster rolls restaurants in NYC le Lobster Bar is a mix between New York coolness and Brittany seafood canteen. After having enjoyed your first glass of champagne and the starters composed by tarama (classic, crab & sea urchin) and seafood rillettes it’s time to get serious and discover the star of one plate menu: the Lobster sandwich aka the Lobster Roll who comes accompanied by a crunchy salad and home made French fries. Better than a wet dream with a mermaid, the lobster roll is a surprising food orgasm coming from the coasts of Brittany.

Bonus: thanks to the one plate menu system you don’t even have to be good in mathematics when it comes to split the bill: Lobster Roll + French Fries + Salad = 26€

#burgerwhat? #teamlobstersandwich

Lobster Bar
41 rue Coquillière – 75001 Paris
Metro: Louvre Rivoli
Open: Tuesday to Saturday

article: Ruben Nataf

lobster bar paris

lobster bar paris lobster bar paris lobster bar paris lobster bar paris

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