Once upon a time in Paris
The only burger was a royale with cheese’
And laisse tomber trying to get a good taco
They were made with melted Emmenthal, oh please

Now burger joints are a dime a dozen
There’s one on every other rue
The burger is the new black, it would seem
C’est vraiment un truc de fou!

Le Dépanneur is the latest to embrace the craze
With burgers and tequila in SoPi town
And with Cantine California making the food
It’s next hottest thing going down.

le depanneur pigalle restaurant

The name comes from French, to mean fix, or repair’
And the Canadian term for corner store
Cause nothing irons out life’s little bumps
Like a tequila cocktail (or four).

The crew serves up rad tacos
Pulled pork, black beans and chilli sauce
The guacamole and corn chips are pretty good too
But the burger is the real tour de force.

le depanneur pigalle restaurant

Make sure you try The Cali Classic
Organic patty, smoked bacon and onion confit
And don’t forget the twice-cooked crispy French fries
You’ll definitely be in for a treat.

So pop on down to Le Dépanneur
It’s the best cheeseburger I’ve had yet
Pull a stool up on the bustling terrasse
And soak up the tequila sunset.

Emerald Bond (author of

Le Dépanneur
27 rue Pierre Fontaine
75009 Paris
Mon – Sun: 10:00 – 02:00
Phone: 01 48 74 48 74
Facebook Page

le depanneur pigalle restaurant le depanneur pigalle restaurant le depanneur pigalle restaurant

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