After New York, Toronto and Harare, the show Zig Zag Zim will be shown in Paris, at AKAA art fair at Carreau du Temple, from Nov 10 to Nov 13. Works by Admire Kamudzengerere & Rachel Monosov.
Rachel Monosov and Admire Kamudzengerere sit behind a table in an “office or stand” with a sign above their heads declaring LAND FOR SALE. They are packaging earth which visitors can buy in small specimen bags reading: “100% pure Pink Village earth.” The artists invite visitors to learn about Pink Village, a place 25km outside of Harare, Zimbabwe whose mud huts were painted pink by a Western artist in 2015.

Furthering the concept at the core of “Pink Village”, the performance “Land for Sale” is a critique of the contemporary commercialization of African resources and culture. In the same breath, the money collected is actually shared with the village – blurring the lines between positive and negative.

Catinca Tabacaru Gallery opened its brick and mortar space on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 2014. Interested in authenticity, a universal language and the geopolitical environment, the themes of identity, gender and time run deep throughout the gallery’s program. The gallery started CTG(R), a traveling Art Residency program whose first installment took place in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2015, and was incarnated this summer in Newfoundland, Canada.

AKAA Paris,
Carreau du Temple
10-13 novembre 2016