What’s a better way to celebrate the first rays of sun in Paris than to sit in a charming visual environment with a couple of friends while listening to a vinyl squeaky? The recently opened tearoom La Chambre aux Oiseaux (“The Bird Room”) in the near of Canal Saint-Martin was given its name because of the many birds that used to perch on the windowsills and transfers us into the countryside atmosphere with a cool Parisian twist, which comes so right after a long winter. Well, if one swallow does not make a summer, then two certainly will!

The setting is decorated with retro-deco vintage furniture from the grandmother of the owner – cute tables, mismatched chairs and soft cushions make it a perfect place for the lovers of the romantic nostalgia, though that’s not the only thing the place has to offer. The menu includes two revised breakfast options - “breakfast in town” (toasts, muffins, jams …) and “breakfast in the country” (special bread, honey, plates of cheese and bacon…), a savory brunch served on weekends, rich assortment of homemade drinks and tasty dishes that differ daily, depending on the mood of the “birds”… Every time you come something has changed because here you are at home.

The huge panoramic windows are perfect for people-watching while offering a view over the neighborhood and letting the place stay enlightened despite the dark floral wallpaper. The ambience is very relaxed and unassuming, the mixed crowd consists of children who scribble, Asian bloggers, young people working on their computers and Americans who gather for  a milkshake du moment. One could definitely stay here for hours without noticing the time passing, while flipping through the pages of the offered antique books or sipping hot chocolate from the family porcelain.

By creating a delicious and light cuisine in a trendy rustic-chic atmosphere the owners show us how to enjoy simple pleasures of  Parisian life. The place is one to watch out for summer days, because who knew one needs so little for happiness?

La Chambre aux Oiseaux
Open from Wednesday through Friday from 9:30 to 18:00, and on Saturday & Sunday from 10:30 to 18:00.
48, rue Bichat, 75010 Paris
Tel.: 09 81 54 54 38

Article: Anna S.

La Chambre des Oiseaux

La Chambre des Oiseaux

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