Buvette f.n : small place where you can buy refreshments.

You will find refreshments at Camille’s pump room, mostly wines from her friends vineyards. Camille used to work at Inaki’s places -le Chateaubriand and le Dauphin- and then at le Mama Shelter, just the time needed for her address book and her fascination for wine to grow and…to find the right place to open her boutique.  Camille has designed her Buvette just like an annexe to her own salon and it is full of regular customers, who come several times a week to taste the daily “vin au verre” selection and bite into some Aubrac dry sausage.

la buvette paris 2

You can take away your bottle, but no doubt you will be happy to enjoy your drink along with some beef ham or big white Spanish beans if you ever find a place to sit. The place is usally crowded and people just stand at the bar– the greatest place to chat with the patronne.

La Buvette
67 rue Saint Maur
75011 Paris
Open Tuesday-Thursday ( 17:00-22:00), Friday (11:00-15:00), Saturday-Sunday (11:00-22:00)

article: Claire Nouy http://lescaptures.com

la buvette bar a vin paris 4 la buvette bar a vin paris 3

la buvette bar a vin paris 5 la buvette bar a vin paris 6 la buvette bar a vin paris 7

Photos: Antonin Borgeaud

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