Hey girls & boys,

It’s already February, and guess what that means: Valentine’s Day. Like anybody with a proper ego, you might tell your friends you don’t care, but at the end of the day, you’ll probably be scrambling to take your honey out to dinner at Bistro Romain or stay at home alone drunk eating Nutella in your bathtub. To avoid two worst case scenarios, the best perfumery/concept store in town, Nose, Kilian and Ten Days In Paris are inviting you for some glasses of wine, flowers by Baptiste Fleurs and burgers by Cantine California !

If you wanna come with your sweetheart (or find a new one), we’ve got some invites to hand out ! Just send us an email at winning@tendaysinparis.com and if you’re lucky, your name will be on the list !




article : Ruben Nataf

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