Photo: Keffer
The intimate club started by David Lynch just turned seven. To start this eighth year of existence, Silencio trusted Daniel Weil and Loic Minel to create a new end-of-week rendez-vous.
At the birthday party that took place last Friday, we could already perceive the edgy electronic vibe that this new duo is going to give these nights.
From Thursday to Saturday the club’s L-acoustic sound-system will be rumbling to the obscure and cinematic tracks of veterans artists such as Andrew Weatherall, Massimiliano Pagliara, Ivan Smagghe, Curses, Manfredas, Simple Symmetry or Moscoman.
With these superb line-ups combined with a flawless acoustic, it is very plausible that Silencio will become a world-wide reference for music aficionados.
The two parisian socialites have a strong background; not only in music (Daniel founded the highly respected electronic club Garage, and both are long-time DJ) but also in hospitality (Loic managed Hotel Grand Amour bar & restaurant for years).
We can therefore expect that Paris will finally have a club where you won’t have to choose between excellent music and excellent service.
Silencio, 142 rue Montmartre 75002 Paris