The exhibition BAN gives a voice to 12 photographers sharing a soft, original and objective vision of a place, a situation, a group, landscapes and people.
The project is based on a unique reflection: «what does it mean to be banished, to be on the edge of the world, on the edge of the so- ciety? ».

This exhibition is original in its artistic approach but is also intrinsically so in its construction because for the first time, young licensed, girls and boys, from the footballclub «Red Star» club are the associate curators of the exhibition.
This project took place from October 18th to November 11th, at L’Orfèvrerie, a former factory Christofle, an unknown industrial site with a unique architecture, in Saint-Denis.
The project was organized by Marie Benaych, Henrike Stahl and Romain Bitton.
Photos: Mati Eidelman