« Nouvelle Gueule » was art magazine Tafmag’s new website launch party. At Parisian hair salon Amour Cheveux Club, the soiree introduced Tafmag’s three new pillars : its magazine Tafmag, its communications agency Le Lab by Tafmag and its DJ duo, Tafmag DJ Babes.
Presenting its brand new online art gallery, Tafmag exhibited a group show with artists Aurélien Ciller, Eleonore Wismes, Sabrina Chess, Sheina Szlamka & Luis Alejandro Cuellar. A live performance with illustrator Mary Janye ran all night long while Bandora allowed guests to taste Palestianian cuisine, Gallimaté introduced its cocktails recipes and Studio Josepho captured funky moments.
« Tafmag, nouvelle gueule. Tafmag, la nouvelle vague » !
Photos: Shehan Hanwellage